About Us

The goal of the Grand Council Treaty #3 is to protect and enhance treaty and inherent rights. The purpose of the Grand Council Treaty #3 – in relation to health – is to enable the 28 member communities to discuss and decide on regional, federal and national priorities affecting First Nations health, and to provide a unified voice on health issues affecting its citizens.

The goal for a Health Council is to engage cooperatively with communities, tribal councils and organizations that are delivering programs to Anishinaabe citizens in territory wide approaches to improving the health of First Nations citizens.

The Treaty #3 Health Council is an infrastructure to coordinate health information and resources from the national, provincial, regional, and community level. The Health Council facilitates communication, information sharing and consultation throughout the region.

The Treaty #3 Health Council will:

  • provide a forum in which information, knowledge and technical expertise can be shared;
  • support informed planning and decision making by individual health programs and organizations, as well as local and regional leadership;
  • promote a culture of proactive health policy development and program management;
  • function within and support the context of government to government relationships; and
  • enable leadership and communities to maximize current available resources.

These objectives will be accomplished through regularly scheduled meetings to share information and promote dialogue between Treaty#3 health staff and community-based personnel and health technicians throughout the region. Working groups or subcommittees will also be established as necessary or appropriate to work on priority issues. The Health Council meets quarterly with the Chiefs Committee on Social Sustainability to provide information and recommendations to be brought forward to the Chiefs Assemblies. The Health Council’s outcomes will be measured by more programs at the Community level, more funding at the Community level and more involvement at the Federal, Provincial and Regional level.